Facing Charges For Burglary Or Theft In California?

Charges related to burglary or theft are nothing to take lightly. In California, the potential penalties are serious. A conviction for first-degree burglary could mean up to six years in jail. Furthermore, burglary and other theft convictions counts as "strikes" in California, part of the "three strikes" rule, giving you even more reason to take this seriously.

At our law firm, attorney William M. Duncan has over three decades of experience. Such knowledge and skill matter when it comes to choosing a criminal defense attorney. You are potentially facing years in prison. Starting with the right legal defense against your burglary or theft charge is the first step toward seeking a favorable resolution.

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Our lawyer handles all types of burglary and theft charges. From grand theft, larceny, robbery and burglary to white collar crimes such as embezzlement and identity theft, our comprehensive defense practice can help you every step of the way.

Under California's penal code, there are two types of burglary charges. The first is first-degree burglary. This generally means you are accused of unlawfully entering a residential property. A first-degree burglary charge is a felony and, again, is a "strike" in the three strikes rule if you are convicted.

A second-degree burglary charge can be brought against you as either a misdemeanor or a felony. This will largely depend on the facts of your case and what the prosecutor decides. In general, second-degree burglary offenses involve commercial properties.

No matter what type of burglary or theft crime you are facing, it is imperative that you seek criminal defense counsel immediately.

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