DUI/DWI In Siskiyou County Court

With more than 30 years experience in Siskiyou County Court, attorney William M. Duncan provides skilled and knowledgeable advocacy to clients charged with drinking and driving as well as other crimes in the Yreka area.

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About The Siskiyou County Superior Court

The main Siskiyou County courthouse in Yreka is located at:

311 4th Street
Yreka, California 96097

There is also a separate branch in Weed, California, where arraignments take place for drunk driving charges and other misdemeanor crimes.

The superior court in Yreka handles all criminal offenses, be they felony or misdemeanors, including:

California DUI/DWI Attorney Serving Weed, Redding And Yreka

Many drivers are arrested for DUI/DWI while passing through Siskiyou County on I-5 from another county or even another state. If you are facing charges for DUI in Siskiyou County Court, attorney William M. Duncan can provide you with skilled criminal defense from DUI charges, including misdemeanor DUI, felony DUI as well as multiple DUI offenses. He can help you at every stage, from arraignment to a DMV hearing to contest your suspended license. We will aggressively pursue reduced charges or a dismissal of your case to minimize the penalties you face.

Serving Clients In Communities Such As Yreka And Weed, California

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