Reducing Your 'Strikes'

A "strikeable" conviction is a felony such as a violent crime, including a firearm. These serious convictions can easily lead to increased penalties if the individual is charged with additional offenses or felonies down the road. Regardless of the nature of the second offense or how many years between each offense, the penalties often double and after one felony strike, the individual often faces a mandatory prison sentence of 25 years.

With more than 30 years of experience as a Redding Three Strikes law attorney, William M. Duncan, Attorney at Law, has represented hundreds of individuals in felony strike crime cases and has experience in reducing the "strike" charges to less serious offenses, or getting one or more strikes stricken.

California Violent Crimes Defense Attorney

Our goal at the office of William M. Duncan, Attorney at Law, is to change the "strike" charges to "non-strike" charges and allow the individual to have a chance at rehabilitation rather than an extended prison sentence. We conduct a thorough investigation of the facts surrounding the case and attempt to find reasons to have the charges either dismissed or reduced. We work toward building your case as efficiently as possible and expose potential weaknesses in the prosecution.

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